Rib grafting is often used in Revision Rhinoplasty and noses that have suffered trauma. The graft is made from cartilage, not bone. It is typically harvested from the right chest, 2-3 inches below the breast fold. On average, the incision is 15-22 mm in size depending on body habitus.

All rib grafts are cut with the “Oblique Split Method” to minimize warping, and are soaked in antibiotic solution (1000mg of Ciprofloxacin in 1000ml Normal Saline) for a minimum of 90 minutes prior to usage.

In situations where either a very small amount of cartilage is needed (primary), or a patient’s own rib has calcified due to age or trauma, MTF donor cartilage may be used. This will be discussed in detail during the surgical planning.

In the early periods, the harvest site can be sore for 1-2 weeks. The scar is initially red, then transitions from pink to a thin white line. The scar continues to fade for 2 years.

Please click the image below for a much more in depth discussion regarding rib grafting in Rhinoplasty!

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